Victorian style bead art for advanced



Sugar glider


Let me introduce to you my very latest beaded animal.  It is also published in our German online magazine. It was my share to the subject area of  “animals from Australia”. I tried to keep it simple so that also unpractized amateurs are able to reproduce it. Its size is about 2 inches.




Today I want to present you my version of a streching cat. I loved the challenge to work this complex pose out. It is 1,8 inches tall and was beaded in my special way.
The presentee enjoyed it very much.



Consistent with Valentine’s Day I show you my rose. Well, it is  only the blossom of it. It has real size and is beaded in one of my own ways. Last summer it has been developed.


In november 2011 I beaded my first bat. It has been developed as a part of a project of the german forum.

Here an image; for everyone who is interested. I also made an instruction for it ( with the help of a pal of mine ).
With the practice and experience of one year I designed a second bat last november.


It is 2 inches tall and therefore larger as my first one. I think you’ll see the improvement.



These bears I designed for a project of a german forum. The brown one has been send as a present and the presentee was very pleased. They are about 1,6 inches small. The most difficult of this work was the complex pose, but I love such challenges.

Bird-of-paradiese flower

Many works have been accumulated during the last time. Now I like to present them to you in the following days.
Today I want to start with a project of the german online magazine of the last year. As a special gift to our readers we had asked them for instructions by request. I adopted the request of a bird-of-paradise flower. In the end the flower has become a mini-bird-of-paradiese 🙄 Why? Well, if you want it in real size, you have to deal with very large beads 😉

But altogehter I’m pleased with this work and the request stater has thanked me for it.
If you are interested in the instruction, I can give you the link.